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I have never been a person to not speak her opinion. Okay, not completely true. There are certain situations were I do hold back but for the most part I speak my mind. Hence, a blog.

However, silence when used appropriately can speak even more than words. I read about the nurses who recently stood as silent protesters at the rally in Arizona. The only time they spoke up is when people invaded the 6 foot rule.

They were shouted at, accused of not being real nurses, cussed at and I’m sure other accusations flew too. They still just silently stood disagreeing with reopening a state too soon. When one of the nurses was finally contacted by the news she stated no matter what the governor decided she would just take care of her patients.

I know other rallies have been held around the country. Some nurses have shown up in silent protest there too. Some appreciate the effort, most don’t.

I think what breaks my heart the most over this is the fact for over 18 years nurses have been voted the most trustworthy profession by the American public!!!! But, now as we face this pandemic that our whole world is facing and we as nurses are putting our lives on the line for our patients DAILY we are treated as the enemy when we speak the truth.

No matter what though, we as nurses, will take care of our patients regardless. We will do our jobs because we care and we want ALL our patients to live.

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