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Roadie For Life

When you become a parent my take on it, is that for the rest your life you are this little persons roadie, pit crew, some say servant (lol), FOREVER!!!!

When they need a bath, you bathe them. When they need a diaper change, you change them and when they get old enough to watch their favorite movie 50 million times over in one day, you watch it.

I learned long ago with my first daughter that I don’t mind watching kid movies over and over. Disney movies are by far my favorite but others have creeped in over the years and I don’t mind them either.

My three littles have found the new Trolls World Tour movie to be absolutely fascinating and we have watched this so many times the last weekend I know all the songs by heart. Some of which I found myself humming to as I drifted to sleep. 🙄

I have to admit though even for a kid movie it has a great message behind it. No matter how different we all look or sound (it is all about music you know) those differences are what make this world beautiful. We should not try to fit into one category but be ourselves.

All in all, it wasn’t the worst way to spend a weekend. Lots of hug time! (Troll thing), toe tapping music 🎶 and my girls enjoyed every minute. Yep, this roadie did good. 😊

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