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Mickey Ears

Baking is one of my favorite past times, although, past has been the key word lately.

Work has pretty much monopolized all my time and when I’m home, I sleep. I blame it on stress. Baking however, can also be a wonderful stress reliever. So as I was scouting the internet looking for anything other than coronavirus news I happily stumbled upon the Disney Parks Blog!

Even though they are sadly closed it seems they have been sharing their wonderful recipes with the world and just yesterday they dropped their mouthwatering Mickey Mouse shaped Beignets. I have never tried one of these pastries but I think it’s time to venture into unknown land.

I mean I watch Nailed It!! if those people can have fun making disasters, why can’t I?? Actually, it’s been awhile since Kayla and I made our Nailed It! failure and I’m sure she would be only to happy to help again.

Here’s to beating stress and having fun with my kiddos at the same time! Have a blessed Sunday everyone 💞

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