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Moms Days In

Have you ever seen the movie, “Mom’s Night Out”?

If you have not, it’s a hilarious movie that follows a christian woman out on the town with two friends and the hilarity that ensues. It’s one laugh after another and everything that could possible go wrong does. Not only for her but for her poor husband that just wants her to have this one night out.

Why am I giving you this visual? Because that has been my time in isolation.

Our kitten went into heat and decided 3 am was the best time to serenade us and the neighbors with her howling.

Our daughters decided that they hated being indoors and wanted nothing more than to be outdoors and we share the outdoors with 7 other apartments. Yay!

I found out the testing for COVID19 were backlogged days and oh yeah did I mention my husband’s work asked him not to come back until my test came back negative?

Yeah…. if anything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. However, God always has the final say and today his say was…. NEGATIVE!!!!

That’s right! My test for COVID19 was negative. My husband and I can both go back to work and all the calamity that has befallen us the last few days is done.

Let me tell you, 6 days of things going wrong can feel like an eternity when you’re not sure for your future. Thank the lord above we know who holds our future!!! Yes, we did lose sight of it for a moment or two but thankfully, he knows how to pull us back to him and recenter our lives.

Hope you all find peace and rest from everything that you are experiencing. We are praying for you continually.

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