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Take a Stand

I recently read an article that said nurses are considered a line item in hospital budgets. Sadly, this isn’t wrong. We aren’t looked at like Doctors, PA’s or NP’s. We don’t generate money like they do, insurance companies frown on that so far.

We, as nurses, make too much money and we are protected by unions (in some states). We can criticality think and keep people alive but we can’t generate a profit so we must go when budgets get tight.

Currently, there are 3.1 million Registered Nurses working in the US and that number is expected to grow by another 19 percent in the next few years.

The nursing profession is one the fastest growing in the US and the politicians that continue to ignore us at some point are going to have to take notice. We aren’t going away. We not only take care of our patients, we fight for ourselves, everyday. We live and breath this work for our families, your families and their families and we aren’t LINE ITEMS.

This nation was built by people who weren’t afraid to take a stand and let their voices be heard by the masses. Let’s hope that those who are listening actually hear what we are saying.

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