Hollywood & Politics

Tonight is one of the biggest nights in Hollywood, The Oscars!!! Actors and Actresses from all over the country and world gather for the biggest awards ceremony of the year.

They have been picking out dresses, looking for dates, accepting the after party 🎉 invitations and for the nominees writing their speeches.

Over the last 5-10 years I’ve been more of a casual observer of The Oscars mainly due to all the political grandstanding. Movies for me are a way out from everyday life like politics and the awards ceremonies should be too, I think.

I really did believe that it was over the last several years that politics had really bleed into The Oscars, but I was wrong.

Turns out Marlon Brando wasn’t present to accept his Best Actor trophy as he was protesting the treatment of American Indians by the film industry.

Charlie Chaplin, was given an honorary award in 1972 but he was unable to receive it for several decades due his re-entry permit to the US being revoked that year. Something about Communist ties? (Could not dig deeper)

1993 found 3 of Hollywood’s popular actors taking a stand politically. Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins for Haitians living with HIV and Richard Gere commenting on the Chinese invasion of Tibet. All 3 were banned for life. However, the ban was short lived. All three have been regular attendees since then.

I could keep list going for awhile but I think you get the point. Hollywood & Politics have been in bed together for awhile. Does that mean I’m going to watch The Oscars tonight? Maybe. Maybe not.

Whatever I decide it was pretty fun reading the history of The Oscars and some of the stories were down right hilarious.

Have a great night all!!!

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