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Nix It In The Rear

Last Saturday or Sunday I noticed a rash on the neck of my twin daughters necks. It was only small in area and did not seem to be bothering them too much but by Tuesday they were both complaining pretty good.

By Wednesday morning it was pretty obvious something was up and we took them to the doctors that afternoon. I heard the words I never wanted to hear: LICE!!! 😫😫

Talk about make me itch just be hearing the words and you should have seen my poor husbands face as the doctor said what we needed to do. My boss, who is amazing, let me off early so I headed home to help with ridding our kids and our house of the deadly bugs.

We were up to at least midnight and there was lots of tears (mine and the girls) but laundry was done, beds sprayed, nits plucked out and I even thought about shaving the cat just to be safe. 😂

Just to hedge my bet I had the girls sit with mayonnaise on their head for at least an hour last night and then washed it all out with shampoo that had tea tree oil added. They went to school today with no lice!

I’m exhausted but happy that I won!!!! Now I’m making sure to spray everything done everyday with my essential oils delice mix. No more allowed in this house 🏡.

If you ever want to know my mix or if you ever want to hear the other 300 million tips I received ( I’m actually very thankful) I will pass them on.

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