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What A Difference A Year Makes

Last at Halloween as we made our way around the Old Mill District our little munchkins were happy to collect their candy but still little enough to be tired 😴 early.

This year as we made that same trip around the shops, collecting mounds of chocolate, coupons for ice cream and who knows what else, the girls were not ready to call it a night.

So off we went to my aunt and uncles house where we handed out candy to trick or treaters and debated the good/bad of doing our trick or treating in their neighborhood. You can guess what the girls wanted to do but with school looming over their heads today we said, “No!”

Although to be honest I wouldn’t have minded going for a little longer too! It was a nice clear night, not too cold and I had energy to burn. Again, what a difference a year makes!!

I just love having my little girls to keep me young but also to enjoy. These holidays are nothing without my kids and I’m so thankful for their joy and enthusiasm everyday!

Blog you later peeps!!! 😊

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