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Behind The Veil

There are 3 things I know for sure. 1) Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, 2) I have the most loving and supportive family, parents, siblings, husband, kids, they rock and 3) my hair looks awesome today! As for all else in this world, it gets a little more dicey.

On any given day, I have mom skills that rival a ninja warrior and the next I lock myself out of house in my pajamas for the whole neighborhood to see. I haven’t truly slept through the night without going to bathroom at least once, maybe twice, since the twins were born and at times I use that night time ritual to check on them to make sure they are still breathing (first time moms know what I’m talking about.) Sad thing is I’m not a first time mom, I’m just a worry wart (Sigh). Don’t even get me started on the lack of sleep when Bethany decides to cuddle in bed with me. The child hates to cuddle at night and yet she appears!!!

Also, I’m in 40’s and time is no longer on my side. Now I’m not trying to be pessimistic just realistic and realize that time is of the essence. I’m trying to live more in the moment and say yes to more fun things and remember that my little girls deserve all the fun (within reason) that they can with me know.  Which has led to more vacations and trips that I wouldn’t have done before.

Here’s another thing I know about me. I’m a bad patient. Doctors and nurses are known for this and I was hoping to not be one but I am one. I have sleep apnea and I wish I used my machine as often as I’m supposed too but…… well I don’t. I do have a reason for it but if I tell you why, you’d die laughing. (It has nothing to do with my hair) LOL

Why all this pouring of secrets today? I feel as if my audience deserves the right to know me better. You’ve seen bits and pieces behind the veil and now we’ve come to a place of honesty and openness, I hope. 🙂

Have a great friday all and a wonderful weekend!!!

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