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So Easy

When you live in a home like mine you have to be prepared for someone to do or say something that’s going to make you laugh. We all laugh easily here and probably over the stupidest things sometimes.

Example, this morning I sneezed so hard the cat sitting on my lap fell off. Not jumped off, she slid off and I giggled for about 10 minutes. Bethany the other day was coughing and she sounded awful but she decided it was her “beautiful cough” and it has so been named that since and every time she coughs I laugh at the idea that a cough can be beautiful but that’s our kiddo. Kayla, will pop off new words like snufflicious or rumpatudamus (Yep) and she will just bust up herself and us just by watching her giggle.

So easy to see that this family of mine is silly and just plain fun all the way around!!! Have a great Tuesday!!!

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