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Dancing In Freedom

As I walked into church today I was firstly thankful that we could be there. It’s the first time in a month that no one has been sick!!! Amen! Also I love the joy I feel in my spirit when we get there! So light, happy and just joyful! Such a great feeling.

I picked out sits for myself and my husband and I noticed a man in front of me two rows up. He was quite “buff” and had many tattoos (nothing wrong with those! I have a couple 😊) and a shaved head. He looked what people might say out of place but I was glad to see him there and as worship started I was even more thrilled. This mans love for God was amazing!!!

He was just dancing with love! As he sang and praised God he moved with the music, raised his hands and sang at the top of his lungs. It was great to see. He reminded me of a child’s love. I have no idea if anyone else around him noticed (really the should have he was quite the mover, lol) but that’s okay I did and it revived in me the freedom that comes from being in the light of God. There is nothing more freeing than knowing the love of God. He knows every bad thing I have ever done and he still loves me without judgement. I’m thankful for that grace and love. 💕

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