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I’m always amazed at our girls as they had out to school. They have no fear. They are full of joy and wonder for what the new day will hold and they face it fearlessly. I love it but I also wonder when I lost it?

Do any of you face the day with a child’s joy and wonder now? I’m sure most of you say no because we’re not kids and that makes total sense but I often think we lose something when we are too grown up. That doesn’t mean we need to act like our 6 year olds when we go to work but why not take a step back and look at it through a kids eyes. See the joy and fun in it and laugh a little more.

This world has become so serious and so pushy to become bigger at a younger age I really think we need to take a step back. To enjoy days again as a kid. To be confident when we walk out the door that it will be a fun day. You’ll get to see your friends and chat with them even if work is involved. Life is a great adventure and every day is new opportunity to live it!!!

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