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Labor Down

In my “former life” as a labor & delivery nurse I learned a term that I ended up loving. We called it laboring down. We could only do this for our mothers who had an epidural but it was a wonderful way once the mother’s had reached 10 cm to allow a little down time before the big event.

Usually, at this point the baby was too high in the birth canal and laboring down allowed the baby to move down naturally into a better position for mom to push, the baby’s head could work gently on the cervix and this allowed mom a chance to sleep. Now there were definitely times that you could pass on the laboring down but hands down the pushing took longer and mom & baby were both exhausted by the time baby was born.

So many times in our lives we need to have labor down times. We need to allow God to work in and around our lives without us pushing through those and not paying attention. That’s when we learn and grow. I’m of course experiencing one of these said moments right now. I am so bad at pushing through and not allowing God to work. I’m working on it though and I’m seeing the changes that he is showing me and I’m learning. Yay, Progress!! Now I just need to remember this tomorrow too. Have a great day!!!!!

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