Old school Hollywood had some of the most intelligent and inspiring actors and actresses. Don’t get me wrong. They were still human and prone to mistakes like the rest of us but they had a grace about them that actors and actresses of this day and age lack.

There could be a million reasons why there are differences now days one of which I am certain is news coverage and social media. That has changed the world so profoundly it’s amazing in its power. What has struck me lately was how often I hear the word impossible. It’s so limiting when we use. Obviously, we can’t do everything and we should never assume we can but we also shouldn’t limit ourselves by assuming that everything we attempt will be hard and near impossible to do!! Teens nowadays stop before they try!!!

I happened upon a quote today from Audrey Hepburn (one of my favorite actresses) and it was so brilliant and inspiring I had to share!! Good night all!!!

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