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Don’t Say Goodbye

We all have those TV shows that have come into our lives and made us love them. Seinfeld, Cheers, Wings, Gilmore Girls, NCIS, Criminal Minds and the list can continue for aaaaawhile. (just saying there are great shows out there)

Anyway, there are very few that I can say hold my attention for every season and keep me coming back waiting for more. Until, The Big Bang Theory. I love this show!!! From Sheldon to Raj it’s a kick. Everyone of these characters is so well played and their comedic timing is so spot on that I can’t stop watching and when I just recently learned that this season was the last I admit tears fell. (maybe a lot of tears, no judging!)

This show has been a staple in my life before I was married!!! I had a commitment with it before my marriage. (I know crazy talk) But seriously, that’s forever! Now, it’s leaving me!!! Yes, I will have reruns. That is awesome but to never have an original one liner from the likes of Sheldon Cooper or Penny or Leonard is just…..inconceivable! (80’s flashback)

I will at some point get over the loss but it will take lots coffee and maybe a few years of science shows.

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