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Can You Guess?

For 12 years I was a single parent. That meant any time I wanted to go somewhere I carried along a passenger. Most of the time she was a willing participant but on occasion bribery was needed to get what I wanted done (obviously this was when she was approaching the double digits age). Lol

So I found games of the mind we’re the funnest with Chanda. She liked a to spell words but only for awhile and then I hit upon movie lines. Those kept her busy for hours and as she got older we no longer used the easy, obvious lines much to my horror (those were a lock for me to get)! It became quite the game of wits (well lines actually, lol) and sadly I lost a lot!!!

I’m kinda hoping one of my younger cuties will won’t to start this game all over and keep me busy for years to come!

Let’s see if you can guess a line!!!

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