Battle Royale

Okay, so this year has not been a roaring wave a coldness. Years past as the months change from fall to winter the thermometer drops quite nicely around these parts. Again, not horribly like say, Siberia, but cold for us Central ORegonians to complain that we finally had to turn on the heaters.

Now as I have mentioned before my husband and I like to battle (I Challenge You)  and one of the greatest battles is the heat. Mike swears that I am a heater by nature and I say it’s him. Either way we always battle on where the thermostat should be set. I wake up in the morning and find it at 55. BY the time he comes downstairs from bed I have turned it up to 65. We never say anything just usually change clothes. He will appear in shorts of all sudden or I’ll disappear and come back downstairs bundled up in my warmest clothes and ear muffs. It’s a silent battle of wills and way too much fun to stop anytime soon. 

We love to pick on each other and thankfully we both have a sense of humor not to really care how this battle ends, since we are truly warm no matter what. Have a great night all!!! 

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