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Thanks For The Shots

My co-worker Jen and I have always laughed at the fact that our allergy patients thank us for giving them their shots when they leave our shot room. We joke about it often with each other and our patients. Actually, if there is one thing we do mostly with our patients it’s joke with them. We feel that if they are going to see us for awhile (once a month for at least five years not counting the building phase of shots) we might as well get to know them well and joke around with them. (Sometimes our patients stay quite a while to chat and we love it!)

So imagine our surprise when the other day several shot patients not only brought in cookies, fudge and brownies but gifts too (WHAT!!) for us nurses! And the cards attached to the gifts made my day. It wasn’t thank you for the shots. It was thank you for making my monthly trips into the clinic one of my best days. It was such an honor to receive those cards and thanks in person from these patients. They are such great people. They only stop in once a month but every month I feel like I get to know them a little more and I just love em. I hope that I can continue to be in this job for many more years to come.  Have a great night! 

If I could show the cards without breaking HIPPA I would so here’s a gift or two 🙂

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