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Midnight Ugly

There should be some sort of universal law that nobody in the house can sick after midnight. It is the most horrible timing. Getting jerked out of bed by the that horrible sound of someone’s upset tummy is never fun and no one wants to come close.

What if I’m next? Why do I need to hear this? Can I please just go back to bed now? I know I’m not the only one who thinks those thoughts. (If I am don’t tell me!!)

As parents we too should just be immune. My poor husband was the victim last night and the poor man got no sympathy from our youngest. She was hollering at him from her room, “Dad!!! I’m trying to sleep!!!” (I tried not to laugh but it was pretty funny to hear her complaining). At least the twins were concerned; “Is daddy going to be okay and done soon?” (Well somewhat concerned)

Alas all was quiet again but of course I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. UGH…. But I made it through the work day with no problems and my bed is calling. Night all!!!!!



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