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Pumpkins Can Run?

I am not one to undertake more than I should (I can hear my mother laughing now) but I enjoy a challenge. Last year or the year before I heard about this run called The Great Pumpkin Run. You might have heard of it? Apparently, it’s pretty popular and been around since like 2012? Anyway, we live in a small enough town, only 98,000 people but whatever, that they don’t visit us for this race.

Imagine my surprise and glee when they advertised “The VIRTUAL Great Pumpkin Run” this year. Of course, I whipped out the credit card for $35 dollar entrance fee and snazzy green racers’ jersey, dutifully downloaded the Strava app that I need to use to record my 3.1 mile run/walk for my training and race day time. I was so excited!!! Did I forget to mention all this glee happened around July when they advertised?

Yeah, I forgot about it until last week when the jersey and my number arrived. So on my lunch I went for my first 3.1 mile walk on Wednesday (OMG!!!!!) I’m still in pain. I exercise DAILY but apparently that does not translate into walking 3.1 miles!!!!! This might be the death of me and yet I’m going to MASTER this. I’m going to be able to run this be the November 11th deadline and it might not be a great time but I’ll have done it!

Good luck to all us racers out there!!!!

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