I’m A Skimmer

No, it’s not dirty. (Shame on you for thinking that!!) No, it’s not food related either. It’s a news source gatherer. It’s takes all the biggest news from the previous day and breaks it down to the nuts and bolts.

Now I’ve posted before on this (Who To Trust?) when it comes to news sources. Most are just not unbiased but these people are. I love it!! They hand you the news in an unbiased format and let you be the decision maker. I can’t praise them enough. Every day, minus Saturday and Sunday, I open my email and there it is, The Skimm! I find out what happened the day before.

I learned recently a North Korean hacker back in 2014 released some rather embarrassing emails from Sony studios (they are kind enough to link the old news article) which is more funny than dangerous until you learn that this same hacker stepped up his game in 2017 and created a WannaCry virus that crippled the international communities computers systems and held them ransom for money. (Even hospital systems!!!!). Oh and why this was news was the courts found him guilty but since he lives in North Korea he probably won’t face time. (GRRRRRR)

See? Interesting and I didn’t have to go to multiple places to find all this out. Plus I’m learning all about the Brett Kavanaugh hearings (women dressed like The Handmaid’s Tale, really), gerrymandering in some states (North Carolina) and the list goes on. So if you don’t have cable, like us, and would just like the news delivered to your inbox I highly recommend The Skimm. Give it a try the worst the can happen is you read and learn something you didn’t know before. Happy Saturday!!!!


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