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Yesterday was the first day of First Grade for my twin tornadoes, Kayla and Reagan and it was a SUCCESS!!!! Kayla has been chomping at the bit for days to go back to school. She was so excited the day before she could hardly eat! (that is something I am totally unfamiliar with myself) Reagan on the other hand was like, “Chick you can go to school for me too.” LOL

These girls are just so opposite it kills me some days but at least the back to school march is now over and it was a success. Now we just have to get into the routine of homework, bath time, brushing that unruly hair (it was summer, don’t judge me, lol) TV off at 6:30 everyday for homework and reading (to which Kayla responded, “Mom some people let there kids watch TV late on school days.” “Yes, Kayla but they don’t make the rules for our house. Mommy and Daddy do.” Kayla’s eyes get really big and in the biggest smart a__ tone “No way” (SHES ONLY 6!!!!!) This is gonna be quite a ride with this child).

We will survive this year and successfully. Have a great Thursday!!!!


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