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Glass half full?

Most of the time I’m a joyful person. I love my family, friends, job and life in general. I’ve faced hard times and yes I can be a pessimist when I’m really upset but for the most part I try to find the good and the the joy in most situations.

It’s been hard to watch the news or get on the internet and have the first stories great your face of the murders of such precious lives. One a college student out for a jog I a little town that I’m sure she thought was safer than safe. Another a mom 15 weeks pregnant and her two daughters most likely killed by the man who should have loved them more than himself. And there is more stories everyday. It’s enough to cripple your spirit.

This is where my faith is important to me. God is not just a myth or a legend in my life he is real. When these stories appear and my spirit is hurt for the families that are suffering and terrified of what could happen to my children in this world I pray. As I kneel and I talk out my fears and ask the one who knows me better than I know myself to help me trust and let go and let him guide our lives I feel not only the joy return but the remembrance that there is good in this world.

Sometimes it’s hard to find or takes way too long to be brought to light but it’s there. There are times the only way we can see it is to let go and let God have the reigns of our lives. It’s not easy and we still take the reigns back from time to time ( I’ve done it a lot) but you hand them over again and move forward. I have found my joy in this world. God. He is the answer to all things. You might agree or you might not and that’s your choice. I’m just telling you what I’ve found and I’m not letting him go. I’d rather be happy, joyful and living for him rather than believing that the pain and hardness of hearts we see so much of lately is what we should be accustomed too. May you all have a great night.


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