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Power Be Gone

I know I’ve beat this dead horse before (horrible term) but insurance companies are the death of good medical care. Each state to my understanding has it’s own Medicaid program. In my lovely State of Oregon we have a couple but the one I hate the most is PacificSource Community Solutions. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THEIR SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!! They care about money.

We have had denials hand over fist (another odd term) lately. PacificSource will approve the patient to see Asthma and Allergy but won’t cover the skin testing (WTH?). If the patient is severely allergic to environmental allergens and the only viable option for them is allergy shots to improve…too bad they won’t approve it. It’s a “below the line” issue. We have CHILDREN who need peanut challenges to make sure they are/are not allergic to peanuts (blood tests and skin tests only tell so much), you know so parents can make informed careful choices when feeding their children. PacificSource denies that too.

The list goes on and on. I want to know what recourse we have as citizens to say this is enough? People need to be served by their insurance. Doctor’s should not be told by the insurance companies the course of treatment they can and cannot do. People who have never treated patients a day in their lives!!!! This is crazy. Something needs to be done but I have no idea what the solution is. We need to TAKE A STAND but where to start. Any ideas?


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