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Del Norte

Several posts ago (Grillin’ King) I wrote about my husband and I gearing up for our big camping trip in August. The first time with our three little munchkins and their picky eating ways. I have no idea why we worried.

From day one we were on the go and they played hard with their cousins each and every time. Each stop that we made was a new adventure and SO AMAZING!!!! (according to Kayla) that every time we sat down to eat they gobbled up their food. Then off again on another adventure with the cousins. It was great to see.

Mike and myself enjoyed it as well. Mike remembered all his old favorite spots and I enjoyed seeing all these amazing places for the first time. Redwood trees are SO HUGE!!! Just one trunk of a tree can be the size of a car. I enjoyed it so much I want to go back next year but longer which was music to Mike’s ears. He was so nervous (I’m pretty sure his family was too) that I was going to hate camping. Nope, not me! I love it. Especially when you give me a great air mattress to sleep on and such great views during the day. 🙂 Who can ask for more? Hope you all had a great weekend too! Till next time….Hasta Pasta!

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