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Road Trips

I’m not a newbie to road trips. I used to take my oldest on them all the time. We would hop in the car and just go. Stop along the way, grab snacks at stores where we stopped to use the potty, listen to music and generally just have a great time. Now I realize that taking three younger girls takes a little more planning but still….UGH.

This last weekend I took all my girls on the road….ALONE. The twins were headed to my parents new house to spend the weekend and my oldest and youngest came with me to the hotel for zoo fun, pool time, shopping and some bonding time with each other and mama. 🙂

Overall, this trip was a downright success but there are a few things I learned. First, I’m NEVER going without my husband again. Apparently, his plan of having snacks in the car prior to leaving the house is the smartest idea ever. 70 miles to the nearest store has never taken so long. (We ate RIGHT before we left!) Also if you see a road sign that says PIE and you turn to go investigate be prepared to get yelled at.

“Geez, mom a warning would be good!!!!” ~ Chanda

“Mom I hit my nose on the window! Why are we going this way?” Are we already there?”- Kayla

“Yeah mom are we already there? “Does grandma have pie?” ~ Reagan

“Faster mama!!!!” ~ Bebe

Needless to say I turned around and no pie was purchased. No one really cared but the twins did wonder 70 miles down the road at the store ” Do they have pie, mom?” (GAH!)

I’ve never been so glad to see my parents house!!! The twins jumped out of the car and I did a happy dance to be rid of two voices for a couple days. (I really do love my children but man 140 miles was a little much that day)

So lesson learned. Never attempt again but the twins had a blast and so did Chanda, Bethany and I. And boy did my husband get a great big hug when I got home with a sincere promise that he will never escape that again!!!

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