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That’s A Wrap

Well Kayla and I after several days finally got to make our Nailed It! cake. We had a blast. I’m covered in flour (Kayla somehow dodged that bullet) and icing is everywhere in my kitchen but it was worth it.

Now when I’m old and gray Kayla is confident that she can make me a cake. (She told me so) That’s all a mother lives for when she is old and gray after all. (LOL)

Now remember we were supposed to making this cake


And this is what we made…


Nailed It! NOT!!!!! Kayla petered out on me and let’s face it I’m not an international baking sensation. But this was a lot of fun and maybe someday down the road we will try again. Reagan wanted to do her own Nailed It! cake but decided after watching us that she would just like to make a “normal” cake. (Silly kiddo, THANK GOD!!!!!!) So chocolate cake for her in a week or two. See you later!!!!!

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