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Splash Time

Mondays look a whole lot different when you have the day off. My doctor is on vacation and even though our shot clinic is still open I worked the Friday half day and took Monday full day off. My partner in crime, Jen, so did not think this out right. Silly lady!!! But really I should stop now, this could backfire later…..

Any who (yes I mean that) Central Oregon is in the grips of 90 degree weather that does not want to die. Now it’s what Jeff Dunham’s cranky old fart Walter would call a dry heat (Thank the lord) because if it had humidity with it we would be in a world of pain. Thankfully, this area is not short on water. We have lakes be the dozen to choose from, the Deschutes River is literally running through sections of town and the local pool is open for all ages.

When you have three little rambunctious girls like mine you choose the pool. Lakes and rivers hold too many terror filled nightmares for this mama. We have lived in the pool on my days off. I’m proud to say the only person who burned was me. (Ouch) It wasn’t bad either just small sections of the back. I bought a new bathing suit to help avoid this problem (always thinking and yes mom I will apply sunscreen, heavily).

So later people it’s off to pool I go!!!!!

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