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Change of Plans

My morning routine during the week looks like this: 4am – workout (ugh), 5am – read my bible, 5:30-5:45 – Eat breakfast while blogging or playing on the computer, 6:30-7:00 – get ready for work while getting the girls food, making sure my husband is waking up for the day to watch said girls (there is a lot of grumbling with this depending on when he got home from work). Some days it varies depending on if I want to get out of bed and workout (I usually do but UGH!!!!)

This morning however as I was dragging my sorry carcass out of bed I heard the unmistakable voice of my littlest chicky poo happily talking away in her bedroom. I double checked my clock just to make sure I didn’t hit snooze till 5 (nope still 4!) and I changed directions. Trying to put Bebe back to bed in the morning never works. When this child is up, she is UP and ready to go. I took a hurried shower and hustled her down the down the stairs as fast as possible to avoid her waking her sleeping sisters (the twins are not happy when woken too early, think dragons breathing fire).

Now I’m not usually good with a change in routine but I’m learning and thankfully this morning I just rolled with it. I planted Bebe on the couch with her blanket and pillow and started reading my Bible. After a few minutes she wormed her way onto my lap and snuggled in, patted my leg and said “I love you mommy” Then proceeded to fart three times in row, grinned like a mad fiend and ran back to the couch. I swear I’m raising girls but sometimes…..

I love these memories though. I can look back and laugh. I would rather spend this time in the morning with her laughing at her crazy antics then doing anything else. She’s sitting in my lap while I type this and asking me questions about anything she can think of. (Is my Mater real? Why is Lily meowing? Did you poop this morning?) We have taken several selfies on Snap Chat (which I had to promise to share) and she has farted way too many more times. (What has this child been eating!!!!) Being a mom is hard but then you have mornings like this your heart just smiles. Have a great day!

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