Valley Bound

After what seems to be an eternity my parents house ordeal has finally come to an end. The buyer is still going forward with the purchase of their house and the house my parents found in the valley is good to go too. Now why aren’t we all jumping for joy?

27 years. That’s 26 Christmas’, Thanksgivings’, Halloweens’, countless birthday parties, summer water fights, epic snowball fight, BBQ’s with family and friends. My parent’s hand picked this house and had it built for our family. I helped clear the lot of brush. Our first night in it was pretty cool knowing we were the first people ever in it. Thousands of memories are in this house. The good, the bad and everything in between it’s weathered them all and been a safe haven for us. So tonight we shed a few tears and say goodbye to the home that has been such a warm, inviting, safe place to live and return to when needed.

Tomorrow we look forward to the new place and new adventures. It’ll be a little different for me. Instead of taking minutes to get to my parents house, it’ll take a few hours of travel but, I know in time, this new house will be a good home too because my parents are there. 🙂

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