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Whistle That Tune

I recently finished season 1 of the Netflix series Bridgerton. It made me laugh at how times in 19th century England were considered “innocent” and many think we have advanced so far forward and yet I see how much we have stayed the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I know we have made many advances since those times. I’m not talking about medical or technology. I am speaking of human nature.

Men, of course, were given far more latitude to do naughty things and thought merely as rakes. Once they were done being throughly abominable they (should) make the most wonderful husband. Women, should they choose the same behavior, we’re the lowest form of disgusting and cast out of regular society. Hopefully, strong willed or talented enough, to make their way in life without living in squalor.

Then there are the ladies who the men took liberties with. They are different from the ones I just spoke of. They didn’t choose to have this happen but instead too early found passions inflamed and then they were with child. So many ways these stories could go and so many ended so badly.

Now think about times today? How much has changed? Women are definitely able to do more then we would have been able to back then. We can have jobs, we can own our homes and we can certainly provide for our families, but there are still so many who turn their noses up and turn their backs on those people who need help.

Certainly, there is much more done in the open of day than there ever was back then, but again once those doors are closed at night tongues do wag and many a reputation have and still do come to ruin.

No matter how advanced we all claim to be, people will always be people. We sing the same tune that our ancestors sang so many years ago, it’s just wrapped in a different package.

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