Rainbow Babies

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced on Valentines Day they were expecting a baby after a miscarriage last July. Apparently, Meghan recently wrote an article on losing a child. I have not read it, but I know her loss. My husband and I lost a child before our twins were born.

It’s not something you can easily explain. You are excited and already in love with the child that you expect to arrive and then without a moments notice they are just ripped from you. No reason, just gone.

I don’t know what a father feels but I know what I felt. Failure, insecurity, loss, murder and abandonment. All these thoughts swirling through my mind and yet I had to get up everyday and be a mom to my kids that were living. It was a slap in the face and a salve all at once.

Thankfully, I have faith in Jesus Christ. I knew that our child was safe with him and our family and I would be okay, I just needed to trust and let go of my pain. Once I did, I found the peace and blessings that I fully didn’t understand but gratefully excepted.

A couple months later we discovered that I was pregnant with twin girls. Our rainbow 🌈 babies. The little girls that would shine such love and laughter in our life we would never look back at past hurts. Never forgotten but not held on to.

Rainbow babies are the most precious reminders that blessings come after pain. Promises of hope, love and a future.

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