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The Truth Shall Suck

I have two friends at work who are attempting to get into nursing school and for weeks I’ve been dreading them asking me the one question I never want to answer truthfully, “What was nursing school like?”

One word, HELL

You would think that a nursing school program would be hard but fair. The teachers would challenge you but make a way for you to succeed.

Oh, no… the moment you set foot in the door they are trying to find a way to push you out. Wether it be from piling on the homework, setting a limit on how low you can score on a test or just blindsiding you with new crap for care plans and many more tales I could share.

Yes, you learn enough to get you out into the working world and get a job but man, it’s so mean!!!!!

The first time I ever saw a grown man cry was a nursing student and it was not pretty. He dropped out of nursing school the next day and stayed an electrician. I would like to say that was the only person who left who our ranks or I didn’t hear similar stories from other RN’s about their programs but we did lose more and I have heard even worse stories.

I know some might say I’m writing this to discourage others to become nurses but absolutely not. We need more nurses, desperately!!!!!

We just need a new way of teaching the nursing students especially now when we need them so much.

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