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New Options

This last week as Oregon headed into another two week freeze, protesters were out in full force demanding that we don’t.

I do not condone their right to protest, but what I would rather see is someone giving other options. If you don’t want your business to freeze during this time than present a different option to the government. We are a free nation and we do have rights. If we can present options that would serve to help EVERYONE involved in the pandemic people would listen.

There are thousands of brilliant people in this country who can help with this, why aren’t we asking them?? Why do we keep trying the same old thing?

Closing borders was not a bad idea and really we should do it for awhile longer but keeping people in isolation is not a long term solution and for as long as we have done it, we have seen some poor outcomes. Let’s start looking at new ideas and new options. We are a generation of innovators. We can make a difference, if we really try. I know we can, so let’s present some new options.

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