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Monday Joys

Over these last few months I think I’ve given you all a fairly good picture of the chaos in my home. If not, my bad. Let’s cover it again.

I have 3 little girls living at home. Twins that are 8, Kayla and Reagan. The are currently in third grade in the ever wonderful don’t we all love to hate it online school. They are our twin tornadoes. If one of them isn’t plotting something the other is and they are usually roping in our 7 year old Bethany in the middle too. Not like she minds. Bethany is one with chaos as well. Her shredding skills are on par with a Corporate company looking to dodge a federal indictment.

Then we have the cats, Lily and Lyra. Lily is matriarch of the two and she sits on her perch in Bethany’s room looking down on everything that happens with disdain. Occasionally, she grants us with her presence, usually to love on my husband (traitor cat) and put Lyra in her place. After all it’s her house we are just living it.

I also have a very mild mannered, loving husband. I thank God often that Mike is patient and doesn’t turn tail and run at challenges because our home is full of them and let’s face it I’m a challenge too.

So this morning at 3AM!!!! I get greeted at the bedside by Kayla, miserable as can be from her belly pain. As I’m trying to comfort her and not strangle her for waking me up from my disjointed, painful sleep ( I’ve been in pain all weekend from an odd shoulder/neck strain that won’t stop), Lyra jumps on me and drops her mouse, she’s already to play!!!!

So downstairs we trip and I mean literally trip since Lyra decides my leg needs a hug as we go downstairs because she knows she’s getting wet food. We survive that near disaster intact Kayla get all set up with her juice and a her favorite TV show and I figure I can sneak back up stairs for maybe another 45 minutes of sleep when she hits me with

“You’re the best mommy in the world. Thank you for staying with me.”

Yep.. She’s good.

I wonder if my boss will notice if I sleep in an exam room the rest of the day?

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