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Friday Frenzy

Friday’s at work are mellow. We only see a half the usual patient load and are usually out the door by 11:30 or 12. It’s an easy day. One nurse can handle the doctor by herself and the other goes off to the “mixing dungeon” to mix serums for our patients.

Today should have been a cake walk. Honestly, it was but it wasn’t. My poor co-worker is going through her own personal crisis at home so her week has been a rough one and then you add in my night with my daughter, Kayla and both of us were one complaint away from tears filling the shot room. You add in my inability to talk right, at all, today and it made for an interesting mix.

We made it through the day with only a few eye rolls from the doctor and several apologies from me after I flubbed the simplest words on the phone 🙄 and by the time I was home my bed was calling. I firmly believe no matter how old we are naps should be mandatory at work. Lol

I’m looking forward to these next two days off and hoping that the pile of homework my daughters have isn’t as bad as it looks. 🤦‍♀️

Have a great weekend all!

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