Monthly Blend

Okay ladies, let’s talk about our dear Aunt Flo. She’s a pain in the back side at best and at her worst can make some lives so miserable bed is the safest place to be for days.

Believe it or not there is an essential oil for this too. Now I’m a big of fan of pretty smells. I love the citrus, clean smells and flowers, etc…. so when I found Clary calm it was a little shocking because it doesn’t really smell pretty. Not that it smells bad it’s just not my favorite. However, this roll on oil is really good for the body.

I’ve had to use it at a couple really bad, crampy times and boy does it work wonders. After about 20 minutes my cramping has eased and I can go about my day. I reapply as needed and hallelujah life just keeps on rolling.

So if your one of those ladies that hates taking pills for things and would rather look to natural remedies this is one of those.

Happy Wednesday!!!

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