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All Things Fresh

I’ve mentioned before that I’m an essential oils believer. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not going to cure cancer or stop COVID-19 in its tracks. I’ve just seen it work in my patients when they were suffering from nausea and vomiting, while in labor and It’s helped me and my family with our little ailments.

Another thing I love about essential oils is a natural, safe way to clean your house. We have three kids that make messes and a kitten who loves to add to it. So when I found Purify I was hooked!!!

It’s a DoTerra blend of oils that can SAFELY clean your house. Five drops of this puppy in a spray bottle of water will make your countertops sparkle. I put at least 5 drops into every wash cycle with our clothes and they smell wonderful for days after. You can even place a couple drops of this on a cotton ball and place it on an air vent in your car to help freshen up your car! I did this yesterday and wow 😳 the smoke smell was cut in half, Thank God!

It’s even supposed to help with skin irritations from bug bits! We haven’t had to worry this year since we didn’t go camping but you can bet I’ll have a bottle of this on hand next year when we go.

As you can see I’m a little excited but anything that I can use that makes my house smell fresh and will clean it naturally and safely has my seal of approval.

Have a great day!!!

If you want to check out anything DoTerra this my site

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