Recent events in my nation have made me take stock of everything in my life. I know I’m blessed with a great family, a stable job, supportive husband, friends, etc…

So to see the nation that is my home struggle through so much, is painful. There are a couple things I need to say up front.

1. America is NOT A RACIST NATION. We have racist people here but this nation as a whole has moved so far past where it was decades ago. Do things need to change and evolve? Absolutely. That’s the only way we grow as a people and as a country.

2. The Democratic Party needs to stop supporting groups that are hell bent on ripping this nation apart. Black Lives Matter started out as a great group and now it has gathered to it so many that have plans beyond what is helpful or hopeful, it’s dragging it down. I do blame the Democratic Party in large part for this.

Our nation needs to have some serious conversations on the personal, local, state and the federal levels on what needs to change for the racial landscape of this country but defunding the police and months of riots is not the way to make a point.

There are better choices, better solutions and we can make them IN PEACE. We just need to be willing too. I know many are. How about the rest of you out there?

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