national holiday


I woke up early this morning to watch as morning broke over the horizon.

As I watched the sun break over the clouds and marveled at all the red, purple, pink and orange that flamed through the sky I imagined what Frances Scott Key was seeing as he wrote The Star Spangled Banner. I have no doubt it was a sight to behold.

This morning there was no ramparts gleaming and we don’t have a flag waving anywhere near by but I could feel in the air that a battle has been raging.

While the rest of the world has managed to flatten the curve of COVID19, the United States has not. We, as a nation, have fought and won many battles that seemed impossible before. We NEED to pull together NOW more than ever and start facing this or we will not like the outcome.

I did see hope in the sunrise this morning. A promise that on this 244th birthday for America that we still have a chance to change the outcome.

So on this day of celebration 🎉 let’s remember that we still have HOPE and we still can change what seems to be the impossible.

Happy Birthday America 🎂🎊!!! May God continue to shine down on thee.

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