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Three Days

Our clinic has implemented the 3 day look ahead in all departments. Basically, three days prior to office visits nurses, cma’s and schedulers are printing out their doctors schedules and making sure that each person coming in is prepared as well as the doctor and staff.

Referrals in place, labs done, immunizations complete or maybe marked as needed and whatever else might need to take place prior. There were a few bumps in the beginning but now it’s working really well and each department has found it very useful.

There are some days I just wish I could have a three day look ahead at my life. If I knew that my daughter was going to have that major blowout on Sunday, I can start preparing for it now. Just those little things that throw off your life that would be so much easier knowing in advance!!

Of course, if any of us had seen what was coming this year none of us would have wanted 2020 to get here. I think we have all qualified for Jumanji hall of fame for surviving this. I think it’s worth shouting, “Jumanji!!!” On New Years just be on the safe side.

Happy Friday everyone and if anyone of you manages to get the gift of future knowledge let me know!!! 😂

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