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It Is Done

Throughout history our world has encountered many events that have changed our world.

The “shot heard around the world” that started WW1, the attack on Pearl Harbor that launched the United States into WW2, The Russian Revolution, Nelson Mandela’s Freedom from jail, the Fall of the Berlin Wall, September 11th terrorist attacks.

All of these events and countless more have shaped our world in many ways but only one event changed the course of our world forever giving us everlasting hope.

It was done on a hilltop called, The Skull, where criminals were hung on crosses for their crimes. This man had committed no crime. As he hung dying, mocked for his love and faith, he still loved us and cried out to his father, God, to forgive us.

There he died and was laid to rest in a tomb with a stone rolled in front. Three days later, he rose from the dead and it was done.

Death no longer had a hold on us. Jesus took everything on himself for US out of love.

Today, around the world we celebrated that sacrifice of love. It may not have been in the way of years past but we celebrated still because Gods love and hope in these times is the most precious gift.

Happy Easter 🐣 Everyone.

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