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Home School: Week One

First Day – “Mom this isn’t how our teacher does it.”

“Well I’m not your teacher and we have to do it this way now.”

45 minutes later….

One twin is crying, I’m crying, the other has stomped off and our kindergartener is happily coloring all over her homework page that we just spent 45 minutes on getting JUST RIGHT!!!!

Day 2 – Dad is now doing home school because mom is in a forever timeout for being a bad teacher.

Day 3 – The governor announces school closed for the rest of the year. While mom is at work dad hides all the sharp knives and drinks all beer. LOL

I don’t know how teachers do it. I love my children and they are funny, smart, kind kids but, oh man, trying to teach and be a parent is hard. This is going to test the limits of every American parent this year.

Slowly but surely we are making this work but it’s hard work and everyday we are finding new ways to teach.

To all you parents out there pulling double duty right now, I understand your pain but don’t give up. There will be an end.

To All you teachers out there, We love you and miss you.

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