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When I married Mike, almost 9 years ago, we would have conversations every now and again about what we needed to do to prepared if a crisis happened in our country. It was always a hypothetical.

Make sure to stock up on medications, such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Make sure to have food to last for at least a month and ingredients to make our own food.

Never did we think we would actually see that day come but here we are in 2020 facing a virus that the world has never seen before. Our grocery stores look like they have been ransacked and people are fearful. I understand but thankfully we were ready, for the most part.

We have what we need for food and we have running water, medications, if needed, and most of all we have each other and our kids.

They are a never ending fountain of questions, childhood wisdom and just plain fun. I’m forever blessed to be stuck at home with this little family of mine.

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