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Lyra The Brave

My oldest daughter, Chanda, asked if we could watch her kitten for her for the next month. Being a sucker for animals she knew it was a lock for me to say yes and last Thursday she dropped her off.

I have never met this kitten until that day although Chanda has told me plenty of stories and she has omitted plenty as well. I now know why.

This kitten has no fear. She chases vacuum cleaners, jumps on counters and when you squirt her with the water bottle and tell her no she just looks at you like, “Thanks for the bath!” She takes showers with you when you least expect it (I might have shrieked a little) We have shelves 15 feet in the air and she is still attempting to jump onto those and when our other cat, Lily, is wailing like a banshee at her Lyra follows like, “Can we still play?”

But for all this she is such a sweetheart. She purrs as soon as you pet her. She talks in the most lovable, adorable way and she lets my little girls love on her, pick her up without fear of scratching and they play all day.

Lyra has changed the atmosphere in this house in no time flat and it’s a fun one. She is just too cute and we will be sad when our time with her is up but until then we are enjoying our Lyra The Brave.

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