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Christmas with the Crank

We have been watching Christmas movies all day and finally I found “Christmas with the Krank’s”.

If you’ve never seen it, it has Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis as parents to a daughter that had left for a Peace Corp mission during for the holidays and not excepted back till after Christmas. Mr. Krank decides to boycott Christmas and take Mrs. Krank away on a sun filled, no snow, cruise. Hilarity ensues as the neighbors seek revenge for the insult of not celebrating and then the twist when their daughter calls and says she’s coming home with a fiancé in tow!!!!

Of course, the movie ends with everyone in the neighborhood pulling together to help the Kranks pull off an awesome Christmas for their daughter, Blair, in record time and its a great feel good ending.

Now back to reality where I have been a real life crank to all my family and friends from my cold and prednisone (vile stuff) to just being exhausted.

I’m hoping for a Christmas miracle to make all this disappear and celebrate the day with joy and happiness!

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