Ah Ha!!

You all, these last few months have been such a journey for me. As a mom, wife, nurse and a woman of God. Listening to him and learning to trust that all the plans I thought I understood I might not have completely.

It’s been eye opening and freeing. I realize that I can make all the plans in the world but ultimately God has the final say and boy he is moving in my life.

I’ve been apart of a group the last week that has met every morning and we start off by writing 5 “I Am” statements. I have always thought of myself as a nurse, mom, wife, etc… but as the days have gone by those statements have changed and given way to statements that have shown a different woman underneath. Nothing nefarious or dangerous but someone that God could use in different areas and I’m so excited and scared!!!

This is different for me. A path I’ve never thought of or imagined but that I’m ready to go down as long as God as leading my way. I know I’m being cryptic and I promise I will reveal everything over time but for now that I am a journey that is amazing. I’m so grateful and so amazed that I get to go this route and can’t wait to see how it turns out!!!

Have a great night!!! 😊

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