Not Yet

I realize that I’m at an age where people will be leaving this world and it’ll probably get more steady as I get older. It’s a truth that is highly uncomfortable.

So what exactly brought this on? I opened up facebook this morning and saw the passing of someone I knew well many years ago. I haven’t seen him in years and have no idea what happened but to know that he is no longer among the living it’s heartbreaking. His family is so wonderful and I know they are pulling together and getting through this with faith and love but it’s still so sad.

Now I believe in God and that there is life after this life but I’m human enough to admit that I don’t want to leave yet. I have four girls and a recently returned son that I love dearly and I want to be apart of their lives as long as I can. Not to mention my husband and the rest of my family. It’s unsettling. You have to face your mortality and it makes you squirm just a little, right? Is this bad? I really hope not because everytime I get this type of news I grieve and a piece of me panics too. Night all. May your lives be filled with love and blessings and please remember to kiss and hug your loved ones.

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