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My post on Christmas felt a little small to me for all The things that happened but it has taken a couple days for me to sort out my jumble of thoughts. This Christmas held a couple firsts for me and my family as well continued traditions.

First, when I was 16 I placed a child up for adoption. My boyfriend at the time sexually assaulted me and I did not want to kill a child and make two wrongs. So I placed him with a wonderful family. I was only able to see him in person once when he was a year old. So this Christmas season I met my son for the first time in 22 years. Yes, I’ve had pictures and letters every year but nothing does it justice like physically giving him a hug and talking to him face to face!!! It was a wonderful two hours for him, my mother and I. Hopefully, to be repeated many times over

Second, it was new spending the Christmas time at my parents new house. It’s a lovely place and my parents have done a great job fixing it up but it was new and unfamiliar from their old home. But it’s my parents and it was wonderful just to be with them and my brother and his family too.

And last the visits to the Embassy Suites. It’s always been a home away from home and now most assuredly a part of the holiday season somewhere. We love this hotel. Full breakfasts, happy hour and suites that are just like home it’s a place to relax and still get adventures in. Plus it’s close to an excellent mall!!

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and may you all be blessed into the New Year!

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