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I believe that every child is born with promise and potential. Each and every one has a purpose and a plan.

I do however believe that there are the few children that are chosen to stand a little above the rest. Not that they are superior or better but that buried within them is a light and a potential so bright that God’s love and purpose just can’t be contained. They are destined to share the word and the truth of God’s love far and wide that people will stand in awe of God and his awesome power.

Why do I mention this? I see it in my nephew, Leo. He is such a light. He is an imp to be sure but he has that sparkle of one that God will use for a far greater purpose in this world than anyone of us can fathom. He his charming, bright, loving and beyond anything else, an open book. Someone honest and hopeful. Someone who won’t just tell people what they want to hear but the truth.

I love you little Leo and I am so lucky to be your aunt and to see you grow up into a wonderful man of God.

Photo credit goes out to Sarah Joy Photography!!!

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